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Full Terms & Conditions:



The following Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) govern the ordering, sale, and delivery of Goods. These Terms and Conditions are binding and enforceable against every person that accepts the quote.

By accepting the proposal quote you the Consumer (“Consumer”) will be deemed to have accepted the following Terms and Conditions.

If there is any provision in these Terms and Conditions that the Consumer does not understand, it is the Consumer's responsibility to request from a representative of GP Solar Solutions to clarify it before you accept the Terms and Conditions.

By accepting the quote, you (“Consumer”) warrant that you are 18 (eighteen) years of age or older and of full legal capacity. If you are under the age of 18 (eighteen) or if you are not legally permitted to enter into a binding agreement, then you may use the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites only with the involvement and supervision of your parent or legal guardian. If your parent or legal guardian supervises you and gives his/her consent, then such person agrees to be bound to these Terms and Conditions and to be liable and responsible for you and all your obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between GP Solar Solutions and the Consumer, and no alterations or additions may be affected unless agreed to by GP Solar Solutions. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice and at the sole discretion of GP Solar Solutions. Any and all orders placed shall be subject to the current Terms and Conditions at the time the order was placed.

Any failure on the part of the Consumer or GP Solar Solutions to enforce any right in terms hereof shall not constitute a waiver of that right.

If any term or condition contained herein is declared invalid, the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect.


Quotes shall remain valid for a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of issue.

It is the consumers’ obligation to determine whether the products ordered are suitable for their purpose. Should you be uncertain please contact our offices for assistance prior to placing your order.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Cash Deposits - 2% bank levy applies.

Please note, all payments must reflect in our account for us to release the stock or do the installation.  

If you are buying stock only, full payment is needed.  If we are doing your installation, please take note that no stock will be released without an 80% deposit payment received. Upon completion of installation the balance of 20% is payable. 


Prices are valid for 7 days from the issued date above.  Subject to availability of stock.  If the quote is not paid for within 7 days the document will be voided.  New quote will need to be issued.


Delivery shall incur additional costs if not quoted according, subject to terms and conditions.


No Partial payment for an order shall be accepted. However, if partial payment is made GP Solar Solutions may charge a rate of 1.5% per month, on outstanding amounts, or the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is greater, until the difference is paid.

On completion of an order the total purchase costs, including shipping and handling charges, shall be reflected on the GP Solar Solutions invoice.


Any delivery notes or waybill (copy or original) signed by the consumer or on behalf of the consumer accepting delivery shall be considered proof of delivery and that product was received in good order.

Consumers can expect an order to be processed within approximately two to five business days, provided the items are in stock and the payment has been verified. GP Solar Solutions, therefore, cannot guarantee same-day shipping. Customers should also note that no orders will be processed on weekends and official public holidays.

Should the consumer choose a third-party courier, the consumer indemnifies GP Solar Solutions against any claims of whatsoever nature that may arise from such an agreement.

GP Solar Solutions warrants that it will endeavor to meet delivery times; however, GP Solar Solutions shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature which the consumer may suffer because of any delayed delivery.

GP Solar Solutions will notify you should there be any delay in obtaining/delivering any goods ordered. The unavailable order will be placed on backorder, and the remainder of the order placed will be shipped. Please check our Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites for the back ordered items' estimated time of arrival. Please note that the dates reflected are estimates and GP Solar Solutions cannot guarantee the arrival dates. Should the backorder, however, remain undelivered 30 (thirty) days from the date the order was placed you may cancel the agreement by giving GP Solar Solutions seven (7) days written notice. Any order is subject to cancellation by GP Solar Solutions should the goods ordered become unavailable due to circumstances beyond GP Solar Solutions' reasonable control.

Goods not collected by the consumer shall be returned to GP Solar Solutions.

The consumer hereby confirms that the goods and services on the invoice issued duly represent the goods ordered at the agreed prices (please review the invoice/s once received and inform GP Solar Solutions of any errors prior to the dispatch of goods).


Where applicable, prices are quoted on the ruling daily exchange rate and may increase because of adverse changes in the exchange rate. Until such time as we have received payment in full, we reserve the right to charge any fluctuations to the consumer’s account and the consumer undertakes to pay for such fluctuations on demand. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check that there have been no changes in the price prior to attending to payment.

Price, specifications, and terms are subject to change, consumers are therefore requested to peruse the prices, specifications, and terms prior to placing an order. The purchase price will be the current price as appearing on the GP Solar Solutions Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites.

If prior to delivery of the goods, there is an increase in the cost of the goods, or if any other taxes or duties are levied or any laws are publicized which directly or indirectly increases the cost thereof to the GP Solar Solutions, the GP Solar Solutions shall be entitled to increase the price of the goods by an amount equal to such increased cost, by giving you reasonable notice thereof.


All orders, variations, or cancelation to orders are subject to these terms and conditions:

Only written orders and variations to orders will be accepted by GP Solar Solutions. Notwithstanding the above, GP Solar Solutions may, at its sole discretion, elect to accept and act upon telephonic orders and any variations to orders. GP Solar Solutions, however, reserves the right to refuse delivery or collection of any order until placed in possession of a written order form.

Requests for cancellation of an order, prior to delivery, must be submitted in writing to GP Solar Solutions.

No refunds will however be furnished on deposits in the event of cancellation for specially ordered.

To the extent allowed by the law, order cancellations may be subject to handling fees.



In no-event shall GP Solar Solutions be liable for any claims & no charge for labor or expense required to repair defective goods will be allowed this will all be to the end user/buyers account.  Moreover, under no circumstances shall GP Solar Solutions be liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages.

GP Solar Solutions shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature which you the consumers suffer because of any unforeseen costs and/or delayed repairs done by manufacturers.

The warranty is to the extent that is permitted by law, and notwithstanding any other provision of these terms and conditions.

Nor does this warranty cover replacements or repairs necessitated by loss or damage resulting from any cause beyond the reasonable control of the GP Solar Solutions, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of government, and acts of war, floods, or fire.

All goods supplied by the GP Solar Solutions hold a warranty that shall correlate to the manufacturer’s warranty ("back-to-back" with the manufacturer’s warranty).

The warranty shall commence upon the date of purchase and shall last in accordance with the manufacturer warranty period.

No repairs will be handled by GP Solar Solutions, all manufacture defaults will be handled directly by manufacturers or their appointed agents.

The warranty shall be rendered null and void in the event of any of the following:

For product/s that are not installed in accordance with the applicable design and Installation Guide, or that are altered, repaired, or misused, through negligence or otherwise, in a manner that, in the reasonable opinion of GP Solar Solutions and or the manufacturer, adversely affects the reliability or performance of the Product; or

Product/s has been serviced, repaired, installed by persons not possessing the necessary qualifications required to do so; or

The product is not returned with an invoice/verifiable method confirming proof of purchase.


Consumers may return goods in the following instances:

Within 3 (three) days of the date of the receipt of the goods if the transaction falls within the scope of Section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transmissions Act. The aforementioned return policy excludes items contemplated in Section 42(2) of the aforementioned Act; or

Within the implied warranty period if the product is defective according to the manufactures warranty; or

Within 7 (seven) business days if GP Solar Solutions has wrongly supplied goods off a written order.

Notwithstanding the above, GP Solar Solutions shall not be required to accept the return of any goods, unless defective within the warranty period, if at your direction of you the goods have been:

Partially or entirely disassembled; physically altered; permanently installed, affixed, or attached.

Joined or added to or blended or combined or embedded within other goods or property.


Defective product/s must be returned to GP Solar Solutions offices at Kempton Park within 3 (three) days from date of purchase.

GP Solar Solutions will not accept the return of any product without the original packaging and without prior authorization and a confirmation return number issued by GP Solar Solutions.

Customers agree to use only reputable carriers capable of providing proof of delivery and insurance for the entire value of the shipment. You are required to bear the cost of shipping and insurance required for the return of the goods to GP Solar Solutions.

GP Solar Solutions will not refund shipping charges unless an error in delivery was made by GP Solar Solutions.

Customers agree that all returned products for credit, replacement, or refund will be 100% complete, in a resalable condition, and will include the original packaging material, manuals, blank warranty cards, and other accessories provided by the manufacturer.

There shall be a 25% return charge (as per supplier/manufacturer charge) for returns due to the order being the fault of the consumer.

If any component of the returned product is missing, GP Solar Solutions will refuse to accept the return or may impose additional charges against you for the replacement of the missing component.

GP Solar Solutions may impose a reasonable fee should it be necessary to restore the goods to render them suitably fit for re-stocking.


If there are any issues with the system, GP Solar Solutions must be informed asap.  Any issues will be addressed with in office hours, should it not be sorted out telephonically after hours.

Should GP Solar Solutions need to go out to site to assess/check the system/remover the item for repairs, additional service fees/call out fees will apply should this happen 2 weeks or longer after the installation has been completed.  This will need to be paid in cash/EFT before GP Solar Solutions departs from the premises.

Should GP Solar Solutions find that the setting of the system or anything on the system or anything to do with the system was tampered with in any way by any person other than GP Solar Solutions.  You/buyer/owner of the system will be held liable for all costing involved with repairing/replacing of items for the system.

Should you/buyer have any other technicians, electricians, or any other maintains/repair 
services at your premises to do any work for you and a problem arises with 
the system, you will be held liable for any costing involved with sorting it out as well as 
a call out fee/service fees. 

Repair times specified by GP Solar Solutions are merely estimates unless expressly agreed upon in writing by GP Solar Solutions. GP Solar Solutions will not be held responsible for supplying a replacement or temporary loan unit, while you machine is in for repairs.  It will be the responsibility of the customer/you/buyer to get a replacement or loan units, should you feel you need or want one.

GP Solar Solutions shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature which you may suffer because of any unforeseen costs and/or delayed repairs.

The Consumer hereby agrees that any goods handed to GP Solar Solutions for repair may be sold to settle the cost of such repairs, if the Consumer fails to effect payment of any applicable repair cost, within 30 days of the repairs being completed.


To the extent allowed by law, the Consumer agrees that GP Solar Solutions shall not be liable to the Consumer or any other person or entity whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage:

caused by or arising from any fact or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of GP Solar Solutions.

which is consequential or incidental loss or damage; and/or

Of whatever nature and howsoever arising from or in connection with the supply of goods.

The use of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites is entirely at the Consumer’s own risk and the Consumer assumes full responsibility for any risk or loss resulting from use of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites or reliance on any information on the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites.


For all purposes under this agreement including giving of any notice, the payment of any amount, the service of any process, and for all other purposes arising from this agreement you hereby choose the service address set out on the quotation for the order of goods.


These Terms and Conditions and our relationship and/or any dispute arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa. Your continued use of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites will constitute your consent and submission to the jurisdiction of the South African courts regarding all proceedings, transactions, applications, or the like instituted by either party against the other, arising from any of these Terms and Conditions.

In the event of any dispute arising between the Consumer and GP Solar Solutions, the Consumer hereby consents to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of the Republic of South Africa (Gauteng division of the high court) notwithstanding that the quantum in the action or proceedings may otherwise fall below the monetary jurisdiction of that court.


The contents of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites, including any material, information, data, software, icons, text, graphics, layouts, images, sound clips, advertisements, video clips, trade names, logos, trademarks, designs, and service marks which are displayed on or incorporated in this Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites (“Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites Content”)/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites are protected by law, including but not limited to copyright and trademark law. The Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites Content is the property of GP Solar Solutions, its advertisers and/or sponsors, and/or is licensed to GP Solar Solutions.

You will not acquire any right, title, or interest in or to the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites or the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites Content.

Any use, distribution, or reproduction of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites Content is prohibited unless expressly authorized in terms of these Terms and Conditions or otherwise provided for in law. To obtain permissions for the commercial use of any Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites Content contact us via our Help page.

Where any of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites Content has been licensed to GP Solar Solutions or belongs to any third party, your rights of use will also be subject to any terms and conditions which that licensor or third party imposes from time to time, and you agree to comply with such third-party terms and conditions.


We will use reasonable endeavors to maintain the availability of the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites, except during scheduled maintenance periods, and are entitled to discontinue providing the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites or any part thereof with or without notice to you.

GP Solar Solutions may in its sole discretion terminate, suspend, and modify this Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites, with or without notice to the Consumer. The Consumer agrees that GP Solar Solutions will not be liable to the Consumer in the event that it chooses to suspend, modify or terminate this Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites other than for processing any orders made by the Consumer prior to such time, to the extent possible.

If the Consumer fails to comply with your obligations under these Terms and Conditions, including any incident involving payment of the price of an order for any Goods, this may (in our sole discretion with or without notice to you) lead to a suspension and/or termination of the Consumer access to the Website/this proposals/quotes/invoices/social media sites without any prejudice to any claims for damages or otherwise that we may have against the consumer.


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