Greenrich UP3686 - 3.686 kwh 48V Lithium-Iron Battery 1.5C

Greenrich UP3686 - 3.686 kwh 48V Lithium-Iron Battery 1.5C

R 18,000

Greenrich/Batterich 3.686 kwh 48V Lithium-Iron Battery

This is a Lithium battery one cut above the rest of current lithium batteries on the market. With 1.5C discharge rates, the Greenrich lithium battery have a much bigger power output compared to other 0.5C or 1C batteries. This battery consists of 288 cells (18650 batteries) with 16 in serial x 18 parallel (16S18P).

System specifications:

  • Capacity – 3.68Kwh / 72Ah / 51.2V
  • Standard discharge current - 36A
  • Maximum continuous discharge current - 115A
  • Maximum instantaneous output current - 144A
  • More than 6000 cycles (at 25c) with 80% DoD
  • Up to a 10 years warranty (TC’s apply)
  • Modular design for system scalability
  • Dimension 442mm x 512mm x 222xx
  • Weight 42kg
  • Compatible with many of South Africa’s popular Hybrid inverters’ brands.
  • Built in BMS that protects the cell from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.
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